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mrplow 06-09-2008 04:43 AM

Scaling an still image - Final Cut Express
How can I move and scale a still image in FCE?

I've added a Photoshop image with alpha as a second track in FCE. My main video clip is in track 1.

I can see the semi-transparent overlay of the image but it's in the centre of the frame and too big. I just don't seem to be able to find a way to scale and move it.

I can select it. A light-blue wireframe surrounds it. I thought I may be able to use this to move and resize but it won't budge.

Any ideas, pointers to web pages etc gratefully received.

Sorry if this is a dumb question for the more experienced FCE users out there but I've searched here and Googled but I'm still coming up short.


mrplow 06-09-2008 07:58 AM

I've got an answer so with the thought someone else may find it useful. I had to switch to "Image + Wireframe" in the viewer, then I got grab handles at the edge of the selection that allowed scaling.

Time to RTFM I think!

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