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Thread: Please help! - SVD? Movie? What?

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    Exclamation Please help! - SVD? Movie? What?
    A friend of mine put together a sort of "Video Yearbook" for our senior year of H.S. However, when I put the CD in, it showed as a volume rather than automatically playing like most DVDs. I tried to fiddle around with it in Disk Utility and couldn't figure it out. I'm pretty computer savvy, but this is beyond my knowledge.

    The folders inside the CD contain all the different segments in the movie as MPGs, but when I try to play them, they don't open. In Quicktime, it gives me an I/O error.

    There's also a folder inside called "SVCD" with files ending in ".SVD"

    I'm absolutely, positively, and completely stumped. Please help!

    If it helps any, I'm on a Macbook Pro running Leopard.

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    It probally needs a certain player. My DVD didnt work on a computer because it didnt have windows Media player on it...and it just came up with a CD wit AUDIO and VIDEO format lol. so yeh it might be that..

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    It sounds like that is a Super VCD disc. These are a bit more primitive than DVDs. I think you'll need something that can playback MPEG-2 files. Try VLC to see if it will work.
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