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Thread: Can I get software to back-up my video files from my ipod?????

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    Can I get software to back-up my video files from my ipod?????
    Regards to all of you, I have been using my ipod for a while now….but some of the videos that I have there need to be transferred to my pc. For this purpose, I am looking to get software that can help to back up the video files as well as support the transfer of my audio files.

    Any suggestions will be appreciable!!!

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    Aren't all of those video and music tracks in iTunes?

    If not you could try iPodDisk

    There are many apps and scripts that are able to copy media back from an iPod (depending on the iPod you've got).

    A quick google will get you more info.

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    I use Ipod Rip for audio. I'm sure it will work with video too.

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    Can I get software to back-up my video files from my ipod?????
    There a few good ones that you can use for your iphone. I recently had the chance to use software for Ipod to computer transfer of my files and it really made me feel comfortable about using it again. It was great….the quality and speed were efficient and was a one that I can recommend to others.
    Hope this will help you.

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