Hello everyone, I hope I can find a solution to my problem here.

I have just spent the equivalent of 300 USD on my MacBook Pro upgrading the RAM and the hard disk to maximum capacity to give me more space for creating movie projects.

I was told upgrading the RAM would mean faster performance, and I was very pleased to see my space bumped up to 162GB.

However, since this 'upgrade' I am unable to render fast/slow motion clips in imovie HD (06). I set the slider and hit 'apply' and the red line fills up in a split second yet the clip has not been rendered at all.

This once happened before about a year ago when I was creating a project from an external HD but the problem was solved when I created the project from the internal HD.

Aside from this I can no longer upload photos from my camera to iphoto, double clicking on desktop files and the email icon in msn messenger has no affect, Photoshop can not be initialized and everything seems slower - in fact as I type these words there is a slight delay before I can see them!

My local iStudio has not been very helpful and is far away and today is a Sunday so I was hoping this forum could shed some light on the issue.

The priority for me is the rendering problem which is why I posted in this forum. If I can get that fixed without a long trip into town, the other stuff I can tackle one by one.