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    Help playing movie bluray.dts.x264-hv
    I downloaded a movie through a torrent and I ended up with a bunch of files ending with bluray.dts.x264-hv.r00 (through .r88) I figured out how to combine all 89 of the files, so now I just have one complete file, but I don't know how to play the file. It doesn't work with any program. Someone told me to try VLC but I can't open it in that either. Nothing happens when I choose to open the file. So what can I do to watch the movie?

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    I believe that there is an add-on to QT that my play it for you.

    Check out Perian.
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    These files are rar archives. If you can, separate these files again. Open one of them with Unrarx (free) and it will uncompress all the files r00 through r88 into one movie file.

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