The rise of Video web stimulates more intuitive video feeling of large people, and makes video downloading become a popular trend in web times. Meanwhile, more and more downloading problems arise correspondingly, in which the first trouble is slow downloading speed and incomplete downloading. It seems to many people that downloading video, especially downloading large video, is like a protracted war with the internet, even the victory is difficult to predict.
Many domestic video web has succesesfully solved downloading problems that they suffered for a long time, after using Qoodaa software as a transfer tool in the latter half of 2007.Then afterwards burst of downloading amount and increasingly rise of people, which has totally changed the depression in website.
How does Qoodaa ( software achieve video downloading peaking? It’s mainly because a new P2P technology, Multinational P2P (called MNP2P for short) has been applied. It is different from the P2P transfer technology before; the downloading source of Qoodaa MNP2P technology can enjoy the same speed as multi-person download at the same time under the condition of P2P. In another easier and clearer way to speak, if multi-people download the same video, the users will no longer download it from the web server but from the other users downloading the same video before. In this way, it saves bandwidth for web to increase its downloading speed.
Qoodaa( software creates the myth of internet transfer acceleration, and it thoroughly realizes the ideal that the internet video is localized rapidly, and solves all kinds of web video downloading problems. It supports all kinds of the acceleration of video-web downloading; people can download any video files and save them easily, and it doesn’t take much time to see a clear and fluent video picture, which makes the users enjoy a richer, more independent, higher quality visual feast.