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    Should I invest in Mac Pro for working with Final Cut Pro/After Effects/others

    I currently have a non-intel, 1.8ghz G5 Powermac. I bought from ebay a year ago and although it's been great learning Final Cut and things like that, it's also been beset by problems (broken cd writer, won't capture without dropping frames in Final Cut - i have to use iMovie which doesn't take in timecode). As of this week, the firewire ports have stopped working too, right as I was just thinking of upgrading.

    It could probably do with a format to be fair, but I've been thinking about investing in the new 8-core Intel Mac Pro (for lots of money). I'm serious about this editing malarkey as a professional career and keen to do high-rendering stuff like After Effects work.

    Can anyone recommend the Mac Pro in this respect, or do you think my current spec be sufficient after a cleanup. Part of me is also seduced by the Mac Book Pro for mobility (I'd also like to try my hand at VJing, not that I've used software of this sort before), and this would be a cheaper option. The other side of my thinks the Mac Pro would be a smarter investment for the future, especially with HD video coming in to play and the requirements of editing that.

    I've never spent the kind of figure I'm thinking about before so need some advice whether I'm making a rash choice.

    Thanks for your help,


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    I forgot to mention I'm also attracted to the Mac Pro for it's Intel and Windows compatability, so I can use Avid as well as Final Cut Pro. I figure that way I can learn both skills for my resume, not to mention offering both as a home editing facility should I get any freelance work from home (i've already done a couple of things working with a director at home).

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    MacPro Quad 2.66, 1 Gig Ram, 2 x 250GB HDD, 1 500GB HDD---Black MB 2.0 Duo, 2 Gig Ram, 320GB HDD
    I have a quad core with final cut and after effects and it runs flawlessly.

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    "Should I invest in Mac Pro for working with Final Cut Pro/After Effects/others"

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