Does anyone know how I can get better results when I add something as simple as a subtitle over an existing video or picture still in iMovie. It seems to really degrade the video or picture quality. I guess it sort of makes sense that it does that since it is trying to embed the subtitle in the Video or Picture, but it is quite a noticeable drop in quality. I created a 720P photo slide show in iMovie and it looks great when I save it to quicktime. I mean it looks fantastic. Then I went back and put a couple of subtitles at the bottom of a few pictures just to signify a change in location and the quality really dropped. The picture is displayed for 5 seconds and the subtitle is displayed for 4 seconds. In iMovie, I can see that it splits the picture into a 4 second a 1 second clip. In the 4 second clip is the subtitle inserted over the pictures, and the 1 second clip is just the original clip. When I re-export to Quicktime, the 4 seconds of the picture clip with the sub title looks low quality and then for one second the picture pop's into clarity. The rest of the pictures in the show look crystal clear. It there a better way to do this. The opening picture of the slide show I used Pixelmator and added title words to the first picture and that looks great. I know that the iMovie fades the subtitle in and then back out so it has to do something different with the subtitles, but man it looks bad.

Would I get better results if I purchased something like Final Cut Express? I find myself doing a lot of home videos, but I really am afraid Final Cut Express is going to be over kill. Though if there are no work around in iMovide HD and Fincal Cut Express does a better job encoding that type of stuff I guess I would consider it.