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    Is Disk Utility image creator reliable for DVD movies?
    Hello everyone.

    Just to follow on my previous post about DVD player crashing while trying.

    Do you think it is because of copy protection or something that DVD player told me to "restart the computer by holding down the power button for several seconds" (in several languages)? A panic.log file was generated too (see my last post in OS X - operating system forum).

    The story is that I was making a DVD image of Resident Evil so I can watch at camp without needing to bring the disks. This was the first of many movie I want to make image of but stopped after it crashed my comp.

    Is disk utility reliable method of making images? Or does it suffer from copy protection?

    Also, what are the settings to use for backing up DVD movies. I used DVD/CD master with no encryption and I got a *.cdr file. Is this wrong?

    Thanks heaps in advance.


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    Thank you for you response. I have read part of that thread and it has been very useful. And I have made a hard drive backup of Resident Evil with those instructions.

    What I was meaning to ask is whether the image made using disk utility with those settings (DVD/CD master) is causing DVD Player to crash or kernel panic. Or is it something more serious with my hardware?

    Also, just want to check if it's ok to play the image from another partition rather than the one's OS X is on? Could being on a different partition cause DVD Player to crash?


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