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    iMovie '08 Compatible HD Video Formats
    Some time ago, I backed-up several AVCDH MTS files for composition into iMovie at a later date. At the time, I didn't realize that iMovie requires the entire file structure to be able to import. Recently I acquired Toast 9 Platinum for it's ability to process raw MTS files. It works great and faster than Voltaic but I can't seem to get the conversion setting correct in order for iMovie to be able to use them. I've tired 720p, 1080p and 1080i settings with various other options both in HDV, DV and H.264 encoding but no luck....iMovie pops-up a message that the video format is not a supported format.

    Any clue as to what settings will work to import into iMovie?

    Note: I've tried the files with Final Cut Express 4 and they import just fine, however I'm not interested in learning FC. The ease and simplicity of iMovie 08 is the reason I bought the Macbook and Panasonic SD1 in the first place.

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    If Toast 9 is that flexible, then try creating an Apple Intermediate Codec file.

    Search this forum for converting MTS files.

    I'm a little surprised to here FCE4 can use the files, but IM08 can't.
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