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    Unhappy Problem moving iMovie Project to new computer
    I have created an iMovie project on one computer and made a copy to a flash drive and now I want to edit it on a different computer. The original computer is an older Mac running Tiger. I don't know what version of iMovie. The new computer is a iMac Intel Core Duo running Leopard. The files on the flash drive consist of a folder with the name of my project and in that folder is a Media folder which contains all the clips, transitions etc. and file and another file which I am not clear on what it is but the file name given to it by iMovie is .IMovieProj. I have tried to Open and or Import this project into iMovie on the new computer but all I can do is copy the individual clips, transitions etc. There are clips that are not part of the timeline movie so I am not sure what I am looking at here. The .mov file plays and is the correct video of the project. How do I import this project so that I can edit it from where I left off on the other computer? If I figure out how to do this will I be able to go back to the other computer and continue edits there? Thanks


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    Since you didn't say, I'll have to assume you are trying to use iMovie 08 on your system.

    The file extension tells me that the project is coming from a version of iMovie that is previous to iMovie 08. If you are trying to import that into iM08, then you are limited to what will be imported. In this case, your best bet is to download iMovie HD from Apple. This is for users of iM08 that still what the abilities for the older version or the full compatibility with older projects.

    You say the extension is .IMovieProj but I notice on my latest iMHD project the extension is .iMovieProject, so I have to wonder if you typed it wrong, or it is from yet an older version.

    If you are concerned about taking the project back to the other computer, then do you homework and find out which version of iMovie is on that system. I have my doubts you could take an iMovie HD project and edit on an older version. You definitely cannot take an iMovie 08 project back to an older version of iMovie.

    iMovie 08 is version 7.x.x.
    iMovie HD is version 6.x.x, the download one is 6.0.4.
    You can find this out via the Finder by selecting the application, not double clicking.

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