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    Wink Strange Mini Ipod Problem. Help!
    I am a newbie looking for help. Several times our Mini Ipod seems to just "forget" that their are any songs on it. When you try to access songs, there are none listed under Artist, Song, Album, etc. This usually happens on the train into work and basically renders the ipod useless.

    When you plug it into the computer (windows) and sync it with Itunes, it shows you the songs that are on the mini and allows you to view them, access them, etc. These songs aren't on my PC anymore so they are definately on the ipod.

    Has anyone else had this problem? Can't seem to fix. Tried soft reset but that doesn't help. Advise?



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    Please... It's iPod and iTunes, not Ipod and Itunes.

    Anyways, if the songs aren't on your PC anymore, they probably aren't on your iPod. Are you sure they aren't on your PC? That's very strange.

    Also, how did you fix the problem when your iPod had 'amnesia' before? Did you just restart? Or does your iPod still have the problem.

    I've had my iPod mini for 3 days and I haven't had this problem at all...

    Good luck, but try to tell us a bit more about the problem, it helps us help you.

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    It sounds as though you haven't set up the sync correctly, or have been syncing with multiple machines...

    If it is the multiple computers then this would apply:

    The iPod Mini can either hold an exact duplicate of your iTunes library, or you can manually select which songs should be on the Mini.

    If you plug the Mini into another computer, you could theoretically copy your entire library over, which would encourage illegal music sharing.

    So Apple only lets you sync with one library at a time, meaning if you plug your Mini into another Library, it will 'forget' all your old songs and only sync the new ones.

    If not:

    You need to have the tracks in your iTunes library before you can sync the mini.
    When you sync to the mini, the tracks aren't deleted or moved from your library onto the Mini, they are COPIED there, meaning your Library should never just 'be gone'...

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