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    Best Deal on iPod Touch?

    Can anyone recommend a place, besides eBay, where I can get a really decently priced iPod Touch 16 GB? (around 300-320 dollars)? Or, get other free accessories with it (i.e. how at amazon you get a free ipod shuffle if you buy a 32 gb touch).


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    U can always buy mine used but in great condition 250 shipped

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    What version is yours the701man and do you have pictures to prove ownership? pm or email at shakurorama *at*

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    I saw the 16gb for like $379 at BestBuy! I paid $399 at the Apple Store!! WTF

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    Quote Originally Posted by pflueeb View Post
    I saw the 16gb for like $379 at BestBuy! I paid $399 at the Apple Store!! WTF
    BestBuy/CircuitCity/ have prices lower than apple store for hardware and software.

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    target has some good sales right now, they are offering a free $50 target card with the purchase of an iPod touch (right now I think it is with the 8GB model). They just had this deal with the 16GB a couple weeks ago (of course it was before I got mine from them). Anyway its a pretty good deal. (I'm using mine right now!) Enjoy!

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