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    i have a 20 inch intel core duo iMac
    internet capable, but,,,
    So, I like my Razr just fine, so don't want an iPhone, but think the iPod Touch is kool, but , those of you who already have internet with their iPod Touch, who do you link up with for your ISP? I mean, my ISP for home & iMac is Comcast, but please inform me about getting internet with an iPod T if I were to buy one, also, how do i access email? Does comcast have a wifi deal, and I just sign up to use my home email & internet?
    Sorry to be so thick, and thanks in advance!

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    You don't need to purchase Wi-Fi from any provider, you can just add a wireless router to your existing Internet connection and then connect to that with your touch to access the Internet. No fees or contracts needed, just a one time investment in a wireless router and you're good to go.

    You can access email in one of two ways. One, you can go straight to the website, such as Gmail or Hotmail, or you can add compatible email services to the Mail application on the touch.

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    the mail feature is pretty nice on the itouch and very easy to use.
    and dont worry about your isp
    just pick up a wireless router if you dont already have one (no more than 50 bucks now a days) hook it up and youre good to go
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