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    Dropped it and now it won't work... HELP!
    So I dropped my iPod this morning (it's a 5g 60gb), it split in half, and 2 little rubber pieces fell out. I can't figure out where they go. I closed the iPod with the parts missing, and it won't get past the Apple logo. I took it to the Apple store, and they told me I had a "corrupt" harddrive in it or something and that I'd have to reformat for even a chance of it working again... If anyone has any suggestions to at least get it working again for a little bit, so I can rip all my music to my external before getting a new iPod (I'm an idiot and didn't back stuff up), that'd be more than helpful. Thanks.

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    If you reformat the drive,if there is anything on it then you will lose everything by re-formatting.I would connect it to your mac and then see if itunes pulls it up,if so then you might be able to get your music

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    I'm having trouble understanding something...if it is YOUR iPod, why don't you have the music on your computer already? If you connect an iPod to a computer and sync it to a library without any music in it, it erases the iPod. So you must have that music somewhere if you have been syncing it before...
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    And if you dropped it then Apples warranty won't cover it.
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