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    Hi all,
    Think my iPod is pootched! I can't get wi-fi unless I set it on my router and my battery is toast overnight without turning the screen on. What gives? I had jailbreaked it but restored it back to 1.1 just to see? didn't help. Might have to take her back? Anyone else have this problem? This happens with 2 different wireless routers so I know that's not the issue. Should I open her up and have a look? It's been treated very well. not dropped or nothing always in a sock and I only had since December.

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    don't open it. Take it to apple, let them fix or replace it.

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    I'd say jailbreaking it may not have been a great idea. While adding 3rd party apps may be fun at the time, in the end they are not worth it when the ipod/iphone breaks down. Eventually apple will get more fun apps for us I am sure. Just remember it's not apples fault if our gadget malfunctions after we mess with them in that way...hope you get it fixed though...
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