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    Dropping the iPod..a scary thing :0
    So yeah. I dropped my iPod for the first time's a big deal in my technologies world. I try with all my will to be anally carefull with anything I spent more than 100 bucks on.

    Today...I was walking out my front door, and my headphone wire got caught in the door handle when slamming it jerk the headphones out of the iPod jack, and jerked the iPod out of my hand...sending it to the ground. Luckily it seems nothing came out of the fall, and that my iPod is still perfect. This makes me happy, but no less worried...something in the back of my head still tells me something bad happened I'm not able to see yet..or that something will come out of it in the future..due to some weakinging...

    I know, I'm crazy..but I felt I should share my feelings...for the iPod has become a part of my everyday life...I use it to listen to music..and to transfer files/projects/information from place to place...and I spent so much money on it...I can't afford to loose it, or hurt it..but I think I'm ok.

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    I've dropped mine once and it survived fine. I'm bashed my PowerBook a few times, that really scares me!

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    I've stepped on mine, the metal casing is kinda falling off, but ehh, it works...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Absolute Zero
    I've stepped on mine, the metal casing is kinda falling off, but ehh, it works...
    I've got a friend who was running full speed and it came out of the case and flew out and hit the ground. Yeah, this was the day before he got to exchange it for a new one at Apple due to bad experiences with his Powerbok. They didnt let him do it because of a scratch that was like so deep it wouldnt come out, and you have to like hit it against a table to get it to work sometimes

    I got my ipod this last sunday and I love it, Backed my harddrive up to it already heh

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