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    iPod repair information - anyone been through the process?
    I'm hoping someone can help out with info regarding ipod repairs.

    The story so's a bit long winded...sorry:
    1. dec - ipod nano 3rd gen - product(red) - engraved: my sons xmas present
    2. early Jan - ipod in jeans pocket makes it into the washing machine. Machine stopped before the ipod got immersed but it was damp. Left for 2 days to dry. Seemed ok.
    3. late Jan - ipod 'died' while playing back a movie
    4. late jan - returned to apple - then back to me - contamination of some kind as expected (see above) no details of how I can go about getting it repaired. Strange it took so long to fail but never mind that. I'm just taking their word that it's my fault it's dead. Fair enough.
    5. Early Feb - emailed Apple asking for more details, repair ideas etc. They gave me the Applecare number to ring and a link to pricing on the web site.
    6. Early Feb - called Applecare - useless waste of a phone call - all they could offer was the address of the nearest Apple store(Trafford Centre - Manchester UK). "No further information available"!
    7. Tried to call the Apple store just get routed back to Applecare - can't talk to a real person in the store - rubbish!
    8. It's a 4 hour round trip to my nearest Apple Store.

    So, to the questions (at last):
    Can anyone tell me the repair process at Apple stores? Iíd like to avoid driving out there to find out they canít help . . .

    Do they take it, repair it, post it back?

    Repair it then it needs collecting?

    Do they charge up front?

    Is it always a flat repair fee as alluded to by the Apple website?

    Hopefully some of you have been through the process and can give me an idea of what to expect. Am I alone in thinking thatís itís pretty poor that I canít get this kind of help and information directly from Apple?


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    Try to see if there is a reseller near you
    They can do everything a mac store can do
    I also live around 2hrs from an apple store but my reseller is only 15mins walk away, I did everything online until I discovered that.
    I'm not sure what the process is but I reckon if you aren't near a reseller get the phone numbers for all uk stores and post it to the first one which answers.
    London Brentcross seem to answer the phone quickest when I need to talk to someone. Most of the others tend to let the phone ring off. Ring them at 09.05 as well they get really packed during the day.

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    Is it still under warranty (I assume it is)

    I just made an appointment on the web at the genius bar

    Turned up, and they exchanged it there and then for a new one

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