First let me start by saying, this might not be the exact forum for this post but it is iPod related-- or iPod dependent rather. haha.

Okay, so my 16GB iPod Touch (ordered the day of the Keynote for it) has been on the fritz for the past month. I have had to restore it once every week because it keeps-- I don't know, corrupting? And iTunes won't let me do anything other than restore it. The last time I did it I had to try to restore about 14 times before it went through.

This particular week I am unable to even get the restores to start because it is so screwed up.

I am planning to go to the Apple Store and see a Genius about it, I was just wondering... Do you think if I tell Apple I am dissatisfied with the iPod that they would give me 400 bucks store credit instead of a replacement/fix? (I would really love that money to go towards a Macbook Pro in a couple months).

Any insight would be appreciated!!

P.S. I am truly dissatisfied with the iPod Touch. It has GREAT potential, but I think I will wait til 2nd gen if Apple does give me credit, and just stick with my Shuffle. Maybe by then there will be a G2 iPhone out. >.>