I recently purchased the january update for the ipod touch. I've tried setting up my road runner email account multiple times with countless google searches and howtos from people with the same problem. . .

im using

port 110
port 25

these settings work for my Mail App on the mac but not the iPod, why?

I read ...

"The reason you're unable to send email through your iPhone is that we IP
protect the outgoing mail (SMTP) server, to prevent it from being used
for relaying spam.

Since the iPhone is not connected to our cable network, our mail servers
are detecting that you are not on a Road Runner connection and are
preventing access. The iPhone connects to the Internet through Apple's
Edge network, and they should have an SMTP server you can utilize for

Since the iPhone also contains a web browser, you should be able to
access our webmail page at https://webmail.roadrunner.com as an
alternative means of sending and receiving email."

But Im not using an iPhone. Instead my wireless is run through my Airport Express w/ airtunes... Any help is greatly appreciated.. .