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Thread: How setup an iPod in a car

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    How setup an iPod in a car
    What accessories should I use?

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    Well, it depends on how you want to connect it....
    and...btw...Do you plan on getting a mac? I notice that your specs say Wintel...

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    You can just get an ordinary tape adaptor..or you can get a radio transmitter...either work..though I think in a car, the tape adapter tends to work better...but if you don't have'll need the radio transmitter...

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    I do have a sony cassette tape adapter from my minidisc player (bleh). So I guess that will work? It should, heh. For once I'm glad my car has tape and not CD.

    Yes I have a Wintel machine, but I will be getting an iBook this time next year, or around the start of school. It will be my freshman year of university, and I want to wait until I can get an educational discount to save myself some cash. I don't need a laptop at the moment anyways.

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    ohh ohh I got a good answer for this one, you need an Auxiliary input converter, a belkin autokit, a female cig light plug, some wire, an RCA to mini plug cable, a cradle, and a vehicle specific mount.

    Here is my howto, it is really rough(the instructions not the install), don't try it if you have no clue what you are doing

    take that picture, imagine the iTrip gone and instead there is a cord plugged into the iDock.

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    That looks like my dashboard, except for the iPod.
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    ipod in-car
    Hi TylerMoney,here in the uk just gone on sale is a cassette adapter for ipod with all the connections, im thinking of getting it but would also have to fit a radio cassette player as i have a cd radio in my car. just wondering is there any depletion in the sound quality through the tape adapter

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