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    help. what should i do?
    ok so io jailbroke my ipod touch and it worked fine for about a month or two but then one day i plugged it in and it will not charge. ive tried 3 different usb cables a wall charger 2 different computers and it wont charge. it jsut shows a screen with a red battery thats not charged when its plugged in, and when its not plugged in it just stays off and will not turn on. if i send it back to apple (its still under warrenty) and they notice that its jailbroken what will they do? keep it and not send me a new one? or like fine me or soemthing?

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    Do a complete restore and hope it works. If not, send it to Apple and pray they don't somehow find out you jailbroke it.
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    Sounds like a hardware failure. There was a post on either here or the modmyifone forums with the same problem, in the end they took it back and exchanged it.

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