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    Connecting to your car
    if you use your ipod in your car, How do you connect it and what do you think of it?

    I would use a tape adapter but my car only takes CD's. I have tried the FM transmitters but i the quality is not as good as i want. Im thinking of getting an Aux in Port fitted to my car.

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    What kind of FM transmitter were you using? I have the Griffin iTrip that plugs into the 12V socket and it works great, much better than the one that draws its power from the iPod itself.

    Though of course, an Aux in port would be the best choice.

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    I have an iPhone and connect with an Aux port, using a 3.5mm cable. Works pretty well.
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    I just bought a deck that controls the iPod, so I plug in my iPod, put it in the glove box and enjoy my tunes.
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    i use a tape adapter. I was shocked to see my new car had one because i don't know anybody who still uses tapes. but i am glad that it has the tape deck. Before that i used and fm transmitter.

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    I use a cable that plugs into the back of the deck. It does not control the iPod, but it feeds power and receives audio. The sound is excellent since the iPod is not being the amplifier... it does not use the headphone port, but instead the USB port. The volume setting on the iPod does nothing at that point since the cable is only getting audio signal.

    I got it at Pep Boys for like $60.
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    In my Accord, I picked up a $50 attachment to convert a CD changer input in the factory stereo to an aux in. The cord comes out and plugs into the bottom of my phone, keeping it charged and taking the line out from it.

    In my Buick, I just picked up a cigarette lighter adapter with an aux out on it (Belkin or Griffin, can't remember the brand) and have an audio cable running from that to an aftermarket stereo that has an aux in. Everything is tucked behind the console/ashtray.

    So, in both cars, I simply plug it in and it plays and charges. Life is good.
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    i was quoted £30 by a car stereo shop to have an AUX cable put in to my car (new seat leon). I can get a cable that plugs in to where a CD changer would go and do it myself but im not 100% confident.

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