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Thread: iPod stuck in rebooting loop

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    Unhappy iPod stuck in rebooting loop
    So I got this iPod from a friend of mine. Its a 30gig Ipod black video (gen 5 i think)

    He warned me that since the battery has been dead for awhile that when I plug it in it will need to charge for a bit before windows will even see it.

    So I plug it in, and just like he said, it needed to charge for a bit before windows would see it. After charging for most of the day, I go into itunes, do a restore, put a bunch of music on it, fiddle with it for a bit, and all is good. This was monday.

    Since monday, it has sat on the desk, unplugged. Yesterday, I go to turn it on, no power. Im thinkin the battery is probably a little worn out and cant go that long off a charger. Plug it in, it does the "please wait, very low battery" on the screen, and I let it sit for awhile.

    Heres where it gets weird. After a couple of hours I check on it, and it keeps rebooting over and over. With it unplugged, the pattern is screen off, black screen with apple logo without the backlight then with the backlight, normal ipod menus for about half a second, then off. If its plugged in, same thing but it reboots, repeats.

    After googling for awhile, I came across how to do a hard reset, no help. How to put in diagnostic mode, which all the tests seemed fine except for the firewire test as I dont have a firewire cord for it. I also found how to put it in disc mode.

    Now with it in disc mode, I was able to let it charge all night without it rebooting over and over. And in disc mode, windows and itunes see it. In explorer, I can select the ipod, go through the folders, copy the mp3 from it to my computer. In itunes, I selected my ipod, and did a restore.

    So after all this, it sill wont come up. Anyone have an idea what to try next?

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    Can you update the software on it, or do you have the disk to do a full software restore on it

    check out the apple site

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    when it was working fine and I started up itunes, it updated what I can only assume was firmware or software.

    No, no software restore disk

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