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    How do you use/hold when on the go?
    When you are on the go and walking somewhere how do you personally use your ipod? Eg. do you hold it in your hand for easy access or put the lock on and leave it in your pocket?

    When i put it in my pocket if i dont lock it, i find i accidentally press buttons changing the volume or track.

    If i put the lock on and keep it in my pocket its a pain to get out, unlock and then change a track.

    Do you wear your headphone under your top/jacket or just let the cable dangle out?

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    When I used to carry my iPod around, I would just select a playlist, put it on Hold, and throw it in a pocket. If I ever needed to skip a song, I could do it all by hand and not need to take it out.

    But now that I use my iPhone instead, I have to take it out of my pocket to change tracks.

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    I keep it in my pocket with hold on. I have a several different play list, i choose one and off i go. I usually keep the cord on the outside of my coat.

    When i am at the gym i put the cord on the inside of my shirt to keep it from getting in the way.

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    I only use a shuffle when in motion. My iphone gets used at home, in the car, or at work.
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    I use my iPhone.Leave it in my pocket and just double click on the microphone tab to skip,fast forward songs(The headphones that come with the iphone).I purchased a set of headphones for previous ipods that had the same functionality.Gets old,taking it out of the pocket and clicking......

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