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    New Wave
    Question New to the pod...a quick question
    hey guys/gals... im new to the board... i stumbled onto it the other night and it seems to be very informative.
    I just picked up and ipod ther other day and i am a bit confused about something.
    I put my cds into Itunes then put them to the ipod that worked fine. since i dont really listen to much music while im working i figured i would delete some of the cds off the hard drive of my comp...
    later on i went to put a new cd into the the ipod, it quick connected and put the new cd in, while deleteing the songs that i took of my comps hard drive... it seems to always delete whatever i delete from my comp, i was wonderin if there is an option i can select to get around this... seems like im missing something... any info you guys have would be great.. thanks a lot
    -New Wave

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    whenever you connect the ipod, go into the ipod preferences (bottom right corner of the itunes window) and choose to manually update the ipod. from then on, it will keep the cd's you have, and you'll be able to drag the new cd's into the ipod

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    New Wave
    hahha that was really easy!... i cant believe i didnt see that!.. thanks for your quick reply...
    --new wave :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

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