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Thread: Ipod battery draining down when not in use?

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    Ipod battery draining down when not in use?
    Hi everyone!

    I was wondering if it's normal that my ipod battery is dainning down when I'm not using it at all. I have it fully charged and left it for about 3 days on my desk, then I turned it on and the battery have lost about a 1/3 of it's charge on itself.

    My pod is about a month old, I always wait to charge it when it's completly down and when I didn't use it, the only thing I can see is that I put it to the hold.

    So anyone can help me about this issue, is it normal?


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    Perfectly normal. You'll find everything does it, your phone, PowerBook, toothbrush, razor. You probably notice it more because everybody's paronoid about their iPod battery!

    You can charge it up whenever you like, just make sure you de-charge and fully recharge about once a month. has more information on that.

    Like it says, if you want to store your iPod, leave it at about 50% charge.

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    Great, thank's a lot for the answer (and the cue about the fact that I can charge it whenever I want!) and yes I think you were damn right about the paranoļa thing!!!

    Thank's again!

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    I've just tried to ignore being paronoid and use it as I please, it still does nearly 8 hours and I bought it in February this year.

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    Mum and dad gave me one for Xmas and I too have EXACTLY the same issues but I don't think it's a big deal. I don't use it every day and I only charge it once a week through the iBook, so I'd say it doesn't perform that bad at all... I have more issues with my toothbrush!

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    I agree
    My ipod does the same thing. I have a 3g 10 gig. It did it with my original battery and with my new one I just replaced a few months ago. The batteries do die after a while but there not that hard to replace youself. If I could do it anyone can.

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    you also got to remember to not go by the battery meter. I use mine daily and sometimes i charged it the night before and it says 2/3 and it last the whole day. I have had mine for about 8/9 months, and the battery life has not changed even with it being 3/4 full.

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    Don't you still find that the claim that the battery lasts 8 hours or thereabouts insane though (for my first gen iPod mini)? I am one of those users who clips the iPod and goes, I don't do shuffle, I don't do backlight, I don't even use any other of its features and therefore, according to Apple, I am that sort of Standard User that should get 1/3 of a day worth of music. But fact is, I don't. It only manages 3-4 hours.
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    Yea, sometimes I charge my iPod Mini via USB until it's full and when I use it the next day, it's like 50% of the bar has gone! But funnily enough when I plug it back into the USB, the next time I bother looking at the bar, like 10 minutes late or something, it's like 100%! So yea, don't trust the battery bar, lol.

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