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    iPod.iTunes isn't cutting it
    I tried to copy my friends ipod onto my powerbook with ipod.itunes, and it onlly copies a certain amount of the songs whe nyou dont buy the full version. this is super fristrating, who wants an incomplete album? i sure don't. But if you guys know of any other software available that copies the tracks on your ipod, to itunes, and does it completely, and well, that would be a big help. thanks

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    Why does this require software? Can't it be done right at the command line when the ipod is plugged into your mac?

    % cd /Volumes/myIpod
    % cp -r * ~

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    It's shareware dude, what do you expect. Doesn't the iPod register as an external drive? If so, you should be able to drag all the songs from your iPod to your HD.

    Or you can use miggles' suggestion.

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