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Thread: 8gb vs 16gb

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    8gb vs 16gb
    does 8gb run out fast? I am a big music fan and I"m worried about how quickly 8GB will disappear, will the SDK apps be a large amount of memory? is the 16GB worth the extra money? also is there an exact date for when the SDK ships to the UK?

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    Depends on how big your music collection is. I only sync my favorite tunes to my Touch which leaves me with a good amount of space. The jailbreak apps are usually under 500kb and i would think the apps developed in the SDK would be the same. I'm not sure about a date but it will be in February.
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    the real driver to me is video -- if you want to carry around a lot of movies or tv, more gigs are required. I used to think that I wanted to carry my entire music collection (about 30 gigs) with me, but with just a little bit of scrutiny I put everything I really would want to hear on my IPT at around 6gig. I have a 16 gig IPT (Xmas present), so I went ahead and loaded videos and tv (just 'cause I could). I figure if there's something I want on there's that's not there now, I can quickly resync and add it. With everything on there (including 2 feature length movies, 2 full seasons of the BBC version of The Office, my contacts, some photos, etc), I've still got about 2 gigs left.

    For around town, if you don't mind updating your playlist now and then to get newer/different tunes on the device, 8 gig should be enough. If you travel and want everything, or lots of movies/tv, then 16 gig.

    Or wait until later this year when rumor has it a 32gig IPT is coming.

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    I have an 8GB. It's jailbroken with a page and a quarter of apps. I have 1,100 songs (from 2 minutes to 10 minutes, so average size files), along with 5 full length movies, and I still have a few hundred MBs left over.

    Unless you have a huge music collection (most of the time you can narrow down what you want on your ipod anyway) or want all your DVD collection on your ipod, the 8GB would seem fine. It works great for me and I have have a lot, relatively.
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