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    iTunes Splash Screen
    Hi guys,

    I've used this forum in the past (tho by which login I cannot remember!) and you have been most useful, so I turn to you once again.

    When I log into iTunes and plug my iPod touch in, I am greeted with a splash screen advertising the January software upgrade for £12.99.

    I get the options "No Thanks", "Remind Me Later", and of course, "Go To Software Upgrade". "No Thanks" should clearly stop the advert from repeating every time I plug the iPod in, alas, i merely get a message telling me an error has occurred. What can I do about this!?

    Apologies if this has been covered, I cannot spot any similar threads. Any assistance would be very much appreciated!


    (iPod touch and iMac user)

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    I have never seen that screen. So I don't know anything about this. I thought iTunes was free.

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    Can you be a bit more specific? You say that you clicked "no thanks" for the update and now you get an error message every time you plug in the touch. Can you still sync the touch etc. Also, have you upgraded to 1.1.3?

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    Post what he means is...
    what he means is when he plugs in his iPod touch and iTunes fires up, instead of going straight to the iPod synching screen he is first shown a page offering him the new apps for $20 (12.99).

    I got my touch on Sunday and was offered the same update.

    Don't know hot to turn it off though. It is annoying especially if you don't want the updates.

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    Spot on Mel. Not a major problem, rather, an irritating one.

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