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    Nano turns on when plugged into wall, but screen is blank

    So my brothers 1st gen 1gb iPod Nano is broken (again). I originally bought it, then the screen broke so i gave it to him. Since then the screen has broken another time (lawnmower trailer flipped over while it was in his pocket lol) and the battery has been replaced. Now, he told me that it was broken again. I go get it, i plug it into my Mac, nothing happens. No indication it's there at all. I plug it into the wall and i hear the click wheel clicking when I move it, but the screen stays blank. I can hear the click wheel sounds in the headphones too. I was trying to play a song but since there was no screen i couldnt get go any if there were any on there.
    Could this be a bad screen connection? It hasn't been taken apart recently.

    My brother is getting a Zen for his birthday so i think i'm getting the Nano back since i'm going to buy it from him (he should GIVE it to me for free, i have it to him for free! lol)

    Any thoughts?


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    He said that the places where the battery was soldered on before broke.
    When I took it apart I used a little too much force and both the clickwheel and screen cable came out. Im pretty sure it didnt damage it, but I put the clickwheel cable and screen cable back in, and now when I plug the nano into the wall, I don't hear the click wheel clicking anymore. Did i screw it up? Also, if there is no battery, would the screen keep lighting up?

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