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    Need to get my music off my ipod
    Okay so I kinda made an oopsy involving a macbook and a can of diet root beer. I got a quote on how much it would cost to fix it, a sweet $750, which is not worth the almost 2 year old macbook. So I got a new laptop, but I didn't get a mac, I went with a special edition HP laptop, it was an amazing deal, but enough for this little back story.

    Now I have an iPod full of music and a unhappy computer. Now this would not be a problem except my iPod is formated for a mac and not windows. So does anyone know how I can get my music off my iPod? I have tried two programs but they require the iPod to be windows formated. And I would need to delete all the music off my iPod to change the formate.

    So mac forums HALP!

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    If it's formatted for Mac, there isn't much you can do in windows, since it doesn't natively support the file system. You might try Macdisk for Windows. It allows you to read and view Mac formatted drives in Windows.

    In theory, you might be able to use MacDisk and then run something like : copytrans (formerly copy pod) to backup your iPod songs.

    If that doesn't work, you'll need to find you a mac with and run senuti to backup your iPod.

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    I suggest taking the 2.5" SATA drive out of the macbook. its very accessible and an easy job. Get a 2.5" external SATA case and put it in there then use MACDISK to read the HDD and transfer everything over
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