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    Help removing photos from ipod
    My wifes MacBooks hard drive crashed and she lost all her songs, videos, and pictures. I've used Senuti to get back her songs and videos off of her iPod but I have been unable to remove her pictures. Does anyone know a way to get all her pictures off of the iPod? She's not sure of the settings that she had previously but I think she synced everything automatically and I don't think that she used the "include full-resolution photos". The last thing I can think if it means anything but she has 2.5GB of pictures on the iPod.

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    The only way would be to go into your ipod in my computer and look for them

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    My wifes hard drive on her MacBook died and she didnt have her iPod set up to pull photos directly from the iPod. But I did some research and found that a program called Keithsipodphotoreader. It was pretty straight forward and and the wifey thinks I'm a hero. Here's his website if anyone is curious:

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