Hey I just bought an ipod nano 3. gen. for when I am biking and Ive put some music on it. But when I enter cover flow many of the covers are in the wrong order. It sort of divides them into two "groups", one group is sorted by the alphabet A-B-C ect., the last of them are placed after the last covers in the alphabet, and that second group of the covers are just in completly random order.
Did anyone here have the same problem?
I made sure that Artist, album artist, album name and all those other infos are 100% correct but it is still completly messed up. Even some songs that I have bought in iTunes store are put into the group of "random albums" in cover flow.
This is my second 3. gen nano. My first (4gb) did not have this problem, all the songs were sorted by the alphabet, I have some of the songs that worked on the 4 gb on this new one (8gb), but here is causes problems.
I have a friend who also has a 4 gb version with the same problem.

How to solve it?