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    format: windows?
    Ok... so...

    I owned my iPod before I got my iBook. So in the time while I had it plugged into my parent's PC, it obviously got formated to windows. But now I have my iB, and it works perfectly fine... except it says windows in the "about" menu.

    I was wondering if that actually caused any problems, and also how might I change it?

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    I have mine Windows formatted too, because I also use it as portable HD for data transfer. No problems yet, allthough transfer and syncing with the Mac seemed to be faster before.

    The only way to change it is to restore your iPod with the iPod software on your Mac, which means you'll loose everything saved on it. And also, once it is Mac formatted, Windows will not recognise it anymore, because it can't read HFS+ (the Mac file system)

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    interesting... I guess I'll just leave it then.

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