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    Ipod touch pro's and con's
    Hello first off ' I'm seriously contemplating getting an Ipod touch however there are a few problems the 16 GB memory being one of them is this enough for a libary with a good few motion pictures and also if Itunes plays it will it play on the touch?

    Please let me know what you guys honestly think of the pro's and con's cheers!

    Alos hows the battery life dose it deteriorate. This happend with my ipod photo and now i'm lucky if I can get 5 songs before it dies

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    also if Itunes plays it will it play on the touch?
    Not necessarily. For instance, it will not take high bitrate 720p or 1080p video. It will also not take in mere avi's saved as mov files using quicktime.

    I'd also suggest you wait till at least macworld in case there's some upgrades for the Touch.

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