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    Can't save video from quicktime onto IPOD?
    I have a Macmini and a video IPOD.
    I downloaded some music videos from Limewire and Limewire used QuicktimePlayer to do this. So the videos are in QuickTime.
    However I can't find anyway to import from Quicktime onto my IPOD or to move from Quicktime into ITunes.
    Can anyone advise?

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    Drag the movie into your iTunes library, then drag that to your iPod - iTunes will convert it. I think that's it, anyway.
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    Or if not in the right format (or itunes won't take it).

    VLC Player can convert to MP4 by going to File-Streaming/Export Wizard and you pick the settings for ipod then after it converted you can drag into itunes.

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    Wish I knew that previously.

    I purchased a wma converter program (can't think of the name) that I use to convert files to .mp4 then just drop into itunes. Works great!

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