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Thread: how to remove duplicate music files

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    how to remove duplicate music files
    Hi Everyone

    Recently I tried to combine several folders of music. I has assumed that like photos, the computer would tell me when a duplicate appeared and I just wouldn't transfer it. Instead I now have around 11,000 music files instead of around 6000. I know I can go into duplicates and find the duplicates through Itunes. But does deleting duplicates in Itunes also delete the files in the music folder. Also noticed that in several cases I now have a song and then the same song but with a 01 in front of the song (hence the computer did not recognize the song as a duplicate). So any small programs or quick ways to get rid of the duplicates

    Any help would be appreciated

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    You can use itunes to get the job done, and if you allow it too, it will also delete the song from your music folder. If the dupes all have 01 in front of them then sort the folder by name and delete everything at the top with 01 in front of the name.


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    thanks for the input Jason. Will give it a try. Also want to try Dupin as it seems like a good little program for the job



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    How do I remove duplicate songs if I do not use itunes sync

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