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    Old iPod songs to new Mac?
    Ok, so i've had my U2 5G iPod since they came out and love it and dont plan on getting any other ipod or anything anytime soon. However, the computer the ipod is 'formatted'(the very first computer i plugged it into and transfered songs to and fro with) for is an old windows computer which i do not have anymore. I have my ipod plugged into my new imac and can see/play songs that are on it, along with add new songs from my imac itunes library onto it, but i cannot put songs from the ipod onto the imac.

    Is there anyway i can 'format' my ipod to my new mac without deleting all of these songs?

    Help is greatly appreciated, thank you.

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    That will take the songs off your ipod and import them to your itunes library. It won't reformat the iPod to your computer, but since you have all of its music on your computer now you can just restore the iPod and make that computer the one its formatted to. You'll have to re-sync, but you'll have all your music just the same.

    Just an FYI, there is a bunch of topics on this (sort of) elsewhere on the forum. They have to do with transferring music rather than reformatting the ipod, but the process is ultimately the same.
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    Thanks for the help

    I found this article <a href=""></a> and did that then just shared the songs once i got them on the computer. Its adding them to iTunes on my mac right now so ill let you know how it goes once its done, but it seems simple enough.

    yeah, i figured this would be a very common topic but i had just gotten home and didnt really feel like searching and wading through a forum. sorry :/

    but thanks mike, i appreciate the help.

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