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Thread: getting the most from my 40Gb 4G battery

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    getting the most from my 40Gb 4G battery
    i've had my 4G 40Gb iPod for about a week now. i love it to bits but have a question regarding the battery life.

    it says that it should last 12 hours - i charge it over night then listen to it during the day. it usually lasts for 8 hours if i am lucky.

    - i have the light turned off, so it can't be that.

    - i maybe play solitaire once or twice a day. (i can't imagine that would use up much juice - but maybe i'm wrong)

    - i go for a run over lunch for around 1 hr - i have this theory that when i run it makes it work overtime to stop it from skipping, do you think this could be the case?

    if anyone has any tips on how to get the most from each charge i would greatly appreciate it. i want my 12 hours!

    many thanks!

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    Turn down the volume so you can barely hear the music.

    Just kidding. In any case, 12 hours battery life is an example. Doesn't mean everyone will get exactly 12 hours. In other words, YMMV. Depending on the usage, (how many times do you ff to next song?, do you use shuffle? what's the volume level?) you may or may not get full 12 hours.

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    Even just changing songs often will cause you to have less than optimal battery life, due to the fact that it has to turn on the hard drive and load a new stack of songs every time you do...

    If you NEED the full 12hours of battery life, simply set up a few long playlists that you want to listen to, and then select them and stick to listening to those.

    That'll save you the most battery life, as the harddrive will never have to turn on without it being absolutely nessicary..(sh+t I can't even spell any more...)

    But if you're just worried about your iPod being broken or abnormal, relax: the 12hours are achieved by setting the ipod to play short 128Kbps files and not touching it all day - hardly 'typical usage'...

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    interesting stuff - thanks

    i found out some more in ipod lounge too. i guess my problem must be that it's on shuffle all day long. i occassionally skip to the next track. plus i think most of my music are long tracks at over 128 bitrate.

    i starting bringing my charger to work as i discovered that one should not empty the battery everyday if they want it to last. simple, yet effective remedy

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    Hold switch saves battery life
    Don't forget to use the new User Reputation System

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    Be sure to read for some tips about how to extend the battery life.

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    Amazingly, my 3G 15GB iPod Battery seems to last me forever! I think i acutally get around 8 hours! I don't know what I do i just leave the volume around 50% percent and no eq and no backlight usually. It lasts forever. Good luck trying to get the most out of it.

    PS: DONT PUT IT IN SLEEP! hold down the play pause button to turn it off and put the hold on. Conserves loads of battery life. Its acutally still on while on sleep.

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    Holding town the play/pause button is the hotkey to put it to sleep - they are exactly the same thing, it just depends whether you like a sleep button on your main menu or not. I find it quicker myself.

    You can't turn an iPod off, or any digital music player for that matter, even though some of them use the word 'off', it's actually incorrect. You know Apple, they always use the right words.

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