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    HP ipod discounts?
    Now that HP is coming out with their own version of the iPod (aka the exact same thing with an HP on the back) I've heard that they will be able to put some price cuts on it because of the size of their business and the fact that they will be able to afford it. My question is how much of a cut do you think these new iPods will get, and do you think it is worth it to wait a while after they come out to decide to buy one?

    also, has anyone had any experience buying a pod from costco...i hear they have unlimited warranty for free?


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    I don't really understand this whole HP thing what exactly is going on?

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    basically in an attempt to expand their market for iPods, apple has agreed to allow HP to sell their product. This is mostly because of the very large group of PC users who most likely still feel a little intimidated by buying an apple product. It is basically just a regular iPod with an HP logo slapped on the back. The reason I asked this question was because of the fact that HP has much more financial freedom because they are so big. I've already heard of prices on the 4G as low as 250, anyone hear of anything else?

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