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    1st gen 10gb ipod no longer connects to computer
    Hello everyone,

    New member here. I posted my ipod problem on the Apple Discussions page a few weeks back and thought I'd try over here.

    I've had my old iPod for over 4 years now and as of a couple months ago it lost its ability to connect to my imac. Doesn't show up on iTunes or anywhere on the computer. However, while connected to the computer, the battery gets recharged. I've tried using other firewire cables, plugging into the other firewire port (other firewire devices work, so bad ports is not an issue) and restoring the ipod. No results. iPod plays music just fine, but just can no longer upload new tunes. Original battery died recently and was replaced. I was hoping that doing so would return the ipod back to normal, but it didn't.

    Anyone have a similar problem or know of any solutions? Bad logic board perhaps?


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    you might want to try restarting the ipod while it is connected to your imac and while itunes is solves this kind of problems,and you should take a look at apple's ipod troubleshot pages. --this should help you.
    Just be nice and helpful...

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