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    arrgh! mac AND pc iPod compatibility? help...

    maybe I'm losing it, but I've been searching on this for two days with no real help and some threads that are 3 years old.

    Here is the run-down:
    1. I have a 60GB iPod(original video), it is formatted to my Mac Powerbook.

    Life has been sweet up to this point...

    2. My iPod has been on the fritz and I unexpectedly received a new iPod Classic (80GB) AND I unexpectedly received a PC laptop from my work to use.

    3. So...I want to be able to get all my music (40GB worth) from my Mac/iPod-Video to my new PC AND my new iPod Classic.

    will someone please, please spell this out for me? I'm pretty computer-efficient but please dont send a snarkey reply referring me to another thread. Threads on this topic dont seem to be for exactly what I need...

    any help is appreciated!!! you will be helping me with a happy christmas!

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    My only thought is Ephpod it lets you copy music too and from your Ipod without having iTunes deleting it. However it's been a while since i've used it and since your iPod is Macintosh formatted i not sure if it will work. If the data is already on your powerbook can't you just transfer the data over your network, external hard drive, discs etc? Then once it's over to your PC just transfer the music to your new iPod through iTunes.
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    is the new ipod formatted for mac?

    then you can get it all off with

    As for the mac itself you can network up the two machines and copy between them, see this thread.

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    the iPod Classic has been formatted to the PC.

    I tried liinking the two up via network. everything seemed good, was able to to transfer about 2 GB's of music from Mac to PC. But the program would time-out on the PC end and the songs time-out iTunes when attempting to play on the PC.

    so the PC seems to not want any part of this.

    any other suggestions? this method appeared to be working, but maybe Im doing something incorrectly.

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