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    New Repo:
    Hey folks. I made a repository for the iPod Touch and iPhone. Nothing earthshattering. But I hope to make some really nice GUI items for Customize and Summerboard.

    Enter this address as a source:
    There is nothing to see there in a web browser.
    But I did make a temporary (or not) browser page for the repo:

    The first item in my repository is a replacement battery image.

    It uses the same UI as iTunes' device capacity indicator:
    But slickened up for the iPod Touch:
    The best guess as to the iPod Touch's battery capacity is 1134 mAh. So instead of using a percent, I did the math, and show the mAh charge.

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    schweb This has to be one of the best threads ever in MF history...
    Cherokee This gets my vote for most innovative thread on Mac-Forums... ever.

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    Fantastic!!!! Great job!

    It looks perfectly on par with the rest of the GUI.

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