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    Hi, how does this work (regarding warranty)
    I bought an iPod Shuffle Second Edition from the apple refurbished website, and the battery died. it just doesn't work when it's not connected to the computer. I checked the serial number on, and it IS under warranty-I bought it less than a year ago.
    If I bring it in to the Apple Store, what will happen? Will they give me a new one, right off the bat? Will I have to pay anything?


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    The Apple store will try and fix it

    If it is dead, then they might post it for you to the warranty centre, or you can log-on to your country's apple site - and request a mail package to send the ipod back from the ipod support section

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    a shuffle, theyll pop it open quick, if they have batteries in stock. If not, youll get a new one.

    theyre almost not worth them fixing in house, theyre so cheap now adays!
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