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    Ipod Touch Question
    im looking at getting a ipod touch after the Mac event in January i think. Just in case they made a change to it, you never know just want to be on the safe side.

    my question is, can i go to website like and watch videos on it or iv heard that the touch does not support adobe flash. if this is true, did apple give a reason as to why they wouldnt include it since so many sites require flash.

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    YouTube is built in, but there is no flash player.

    My guess: Flash is a resource hog. It barely plays on a 1.4Ghz G4. Apple knows it won't work at all on a 400Mhz portable.
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    Yeah, you just get a little icon thing for any media player on a website.

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    I was reading some stuff on this the other day. People have different opinions on the possibilities of a future flash plugin being available.

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