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    Unique iPod Cable
    Can someone help me? I'm looking for a cable JUST like this but I can't find one anywhere. The picture I have is for a BMW and I don't think it'll work the same as I need it. I want a cable that will plug into the bottom of my iPod Classic 80gb, and have the USB (for my DC Charger) and the headphone jack (for my stereo aux) on the same port.


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    The only thing I can find through Apple is this:

    But I don't think that is it and it doesn't answer your question.

    Can you get a model number or part number on that cord?
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    The BMW cable should work good. You will just have to get extensions for the usb and stereo jack.

    If you go to a BMW dealer they will probabaly sell you one.

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    I've been looking for something like that for the longest time!! I want one too.
    I've been trying to find a simple solution to keep my iPhone charged so I can keep the backlight on while listening to music via an audio jack. I've taken apart my center console and some of my dash to hide the wires but that piece would help me out a TON!!

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