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    Unhappy Nano gen3 Problems
    Im just wondering.

    But has anyone had any problems with the new "Short Stubby" 3rd gen nano's
    I have a customer that has managed to kill 4 of them "they sync their music, & then all of a sudden they just die"
    Problem being ive tested them on my machine & haven't even gotten to sync before they just start reseting themselves

    I've updated firmware & updated i tunes but they just keep reseting

    Ive tried 2 4gig silver & 2 Blue 8gig units
    atm I have a silver 4 gig plugged into my pc all its doing is restarting coming up with the menu & then restarting saying connecting then restarting.

    I spoke to apple & of course they know nothing
    but according to my repair agent i usually send the faulty units to they have had alot more faulty units then with the previous 2 series in the first couple of months..
    Anyone had a problem let me know i wanna get to the bottom of it



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    First of all, Welcome to the forums!

    I have two iPod Nano 3g's and they havn't done this but my 2g did this the first month I had it. I let the battery drain ALL the way then wait a 24 hour period with the battery TOTALLY drained. This should reset the whole iPod. Then restore the iPod using iTunes. It should work..."It worked for me."

    Happy iPoding!


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