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    Unhappy Getting MIDI files onto my iPod

    First time reader and poster, here. I just got one of the new iPod Nano's and downloaded iTunes onto my PC. However, I'm having some trouble getting my songs onto my iPod, specifically, some MIDI files.

    I've used the "Advanced > "Convert Selection to AAC" option to change the files to a more iPod friendly format, but not all of them convert correctly. Some are fine, but others have notes that are in the wrong place or are off. Some have stranges tone-like notes injected into them.

    My question is, what can I do about this? Some of these are my favorite background music files for while I work, so I want to have them on my iPod. Is there another program I can use to convert them? Is there something else I should be doing to convert them?

    Any advice would be appreciated.


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    Pretty much any program you are going to find from places like Google and are going to be demos that only let you convert 60 seconds of each song.

    There is also a popular little program called Audacity. But you would have to convert them all yourself.

    Those are all the suggestions I can think of.
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    Gotcha. Thanks for the advice. I'll definitely take a look at audicity, since most of the files are over a minute.

    Just one followup: having to "convert them all myself" sounds a little ominous. Do you mean I'll have to convert them one at a time or is there some technical expertise for creating MIDIs that's involves or is it something else? Just want to be sure I'm prepared.

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