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    Problem with iPod...
    I don't know if ANYONE has had this problem, but for some reason yesterday when I decided to use my iPod, I would hear it internally skip, not the music or videos, but internally I would a skipping sound and my iPod would just freeze. I tried doing the restart maneuver several times and it return me back to the menu when I would watch a video or listen to music, but these random freezes kept coming every time I wanted to do something. Anyway, after a feel resets, I finally managed to turn it off. However for the last 24 hours, all my iPod does is boot up with the apple symbol and then right away shuts back off in seconds then boots up again and repeats shutting off and on. I tried charging it, and while it says the battery is low, when it is charged to the extent it can work, it repeats the same booting up and shutting off routine. I actually called for support on Apple, which really wasn't no help since I got mine 2-3 years ago. It's a iPod classic black 30 gig. All that Apple support told me was to look for "apple sys mode". Which I think was the restarting routine I tried doing, but that didn't even save it. Anyway, if anyone can help me here, it would mean ALOT. Thanks.

    (Sorry for the long typing)

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    So you made sure the iPod is fully charged?

    Does it plug into your computer alright?
    Can move videos/music onto it?
    Does it freeze when it is plugged into your computer?

    Try doing a reset on your computer. If you don't mind losing all of the stuff on your iPod (hopefully you have all that stuff on your computer).

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